Exploring the region

In the mood for a vineyard tour?
For lunch in a straw hut along the beach?
For dinner in a hidden windmill far up on the hillsides?
For a scuba dive to search for a long-lost bomber or a 1915 shipwreck?
For a hike that will take you up to 1100 meters in just 2 and ½ hours and from where you will find a 360° panoramic view of both sea and mountains?
Or for relaxing on a beach far from all the commotion?
You will find it all here, Chez Marie en Corse.



Chez Marie en Corse La réception est ouverte de 7h30 à 15h et de 17h à 20h
Pour toute arrivée tardive merci de nous contacter

Chez Marie en Corse Parking ouvert gratuit et garage motos et vélos

Chez Marie en Corse
Bravone, RT 10
20230 Linguizzetta

04 95 38 81 85

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